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About RECH Group

RECH Group provides a framework within which conservation specialists can meet and work on an interdisciplinary level about the retouching process. Issues related with this topic are:

- Perception of colour

- Illumination of colour

- Imaging applied to retouching

- Materials & Methodologies

- Mixing & Matching

- Applied documentation techniques

The RECH Group born during the PhD investigations of the conservator-restorer Ana Bail√£o in 2013 about chromatic reintegration. After that other researchers join the cause helping the growth up of the initial idea. Most of them help in the organization of the RECH Meetings and workshops.

The Conferences are biannual to provide conservators time to present interesting projects. The last one was in Split, Croatia, on 20th - 21st October 2017, and the next one will take place at Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", Scuola di Conservazione e Restauro dei Beni Culturali, Urbino, in Italy, on18th-19st October 2019.

The results of each conference are published in the Conference Postprints, which constitute an important contribution for the study and improvement of the information about the retouching practice.

The Conference brings useful reports and reviews of retouching projects in current research. About 100 papers have been published in the Conference Postprints in the last three years.

For further information about the RECH Group, contact us through the address email: rech.culturalheritage@gmail.com.

Here you can consult the past annual Conferences with website: RECH1 in 2013,RECH2 in 2014, RECH3 in 2015. and RECH4 in 2017 .

International Workshops

RECH Group organized five annual International Workshops to bring together professionals from other countries, which have a specific knowledge about the retouching subject.

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RECH4 | Split | 2017 | Group photo